Zen Cone

Title: Large
$ 22.99

Dubbed the “cone of shame” and known for it’s cone or lampshade characteristics, the cone shaped “e” collar continues to be used over the decades past and is a standard in veterinary practice.

ZenCone evolved from the “e” collar design and we took it a few steps further…. by creating a hybrid design that provides a soothing and healing environment without the “shame” mood feeling of traditional e collars. The ZenCone is very simple to fit on your pet and the custom attributes of this collar add to the function and conformity. No wonder why it’s been a popular product since it’s inception.



ZenCone Smallest size - dog 4F


8-12 inches
(20.3 – 30.5 cm)

ZenCone Medium Beagle-B


12-15 inches
(30.5 – 38.1 cm)

ZenCone Medium Black Lab


15-18 inches
(38.1 – 45.7 cm)

ZenCone Large Yellow Lab


18-23 inches
(45.7 – 58.4 cm)

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