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Training Dogs You’ll Love To Live With!

City Dog Market and Canine PhD has teamed up to offer a series of 4-week training classes for pet parents wanting to teach their new puppy or adult dog to be a great companion at home and in public.  

Understanding how to communicate with your dog is key to strengthening the relationship you share. 

Classes are currently held on Wednesday evenings inside our Atlanta/Brookhaven store and class participation is limited to ensure each participant receives personalized attention. If you enroll for a class and it’s already full, just add your name to the waiting list and Canine PhD will contact you. 

Classes taught at City Dog Market are not appropriate for dogs who aggressively bark and lunge at people or other dogs while on leash. If you need help with your dogs’ reactivity, please contact Canine PhD at 

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About Canine PhD:

Canine PhD certified trainers transform misbehaving dogs into well-mannered companions. Their best-in-class, rewards-based training results in giving you peace of mind and a pet who’s a pleasure to live with.

Canine PhD is owned by Meredith Minkin, an internationally certified behavior consultant, a certified professional dog trainer and a certified service dog trainer. A Fear Free Certified Professional, Meredith and her team of trainers stay up to date on the latest rewards-based methods.

Perfect Puppy $235

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Learn everything you need to know about puppy parenting from potty & crate training to managing vet visits to basic obedience and mindful socialization.

Family Manners 101 $235

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If your dog has had no formal training this is the class for you.

In this class you’ll learn life skills your dog needs to thrive in your home and in public such as sit, stay, down, come along with polite greeting and focused attention exercises.

Hound On The Town $235

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Want to eat dinner at a sidewalk café with your dog lying quietly at your feet? Or what about walking through a busy area while your dog walks calmly by your side? In this class your dog will learn polite greetings, automatic sits, relaxed downs, focused attention, essential safety protocols, and good all-around public behavior.

training classes
training classes