For the love of food...
We have natural food, healthy treats, and wholesome supplements for happy, healthy pets!

For the love of play...
We have earth-friendly, non-toxic toys and products for fun-loving dogs and cats.

For the love of all things good...
We have premium provisions, expert advice, and a warm, inviting place just for you and your dog.

For the love of pets... we are CityDog Market.
Welcome to the place for pets and the people who love them.

CityDog Market is here because we believe...
In the commitment, love and adventurous spirit of animals.
In the spay and neuter programs and rescue organizations that keep pets off the streets.
That our lives are richer thanks to the wet noses that nudge us out of bed, the wagging tails that
greet us when we come home and the hearts that remain loyal to us every day.

Visit CityDog Market. We'll take the time to understand you and your pet.

The CityDog Market Team

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