How To Prepare Your Pet For Fireworks

Help calm your pet’s noise stress!

Loud noises can be extremely stressful, especially for our pets. Whether your house is located in the area where they hold big firework shows or you have neighbors who like to set them off in the street, we want to make sure our furry friends feel safe and comfortable. It may be fun for us humans to set off fireworks in celebration of the 4th of July or other holidays, but it’s important to think of your fur family who may suffer from noise stress. Whether it’s fireworks or thunderstorms, we’ve got your pet’s stress covered with these 5 preparation tips!

Administer Pet Releaf

When your pup’s stress levels are high, you can often feel helpless. Which is why we recommend administering Pet Releaf’s CBD-infused products to help keep your pet calm and relaxed. If you’re unsure which product would work best for your pet, we have our product finder that can determine the best product to try based on your pet’s stress levels. For high levels of stress, we’d definitely recommend either our standard Hemp Oils and Liposome Hemp Oils. If it’s more minor, our Edibites could also do the trick! 

All of our products have recommended usage amounts based on your pet’s weight. As every pet is different, those amounts can often be adjusted since it may be too much or not enough to work for them. We recommend doing a trial-run for a week before fireworks season to make sure you’re administering correctly to your pet. There are also no known overdoses on CBD, so if you need to increase the amount, you can certainly do so. Try administering at least an hour or so before the fireworks are scheduled to start so it has time to kick in. Or if you know your neighbors will be lighting their own fireworks at night, try to administer in the evening so your pup is prepared for when they go off during the night. 

Update microchip information

There have been unfortunate instances with dogs running off in fear when they hear or see fireworks. To make sure you can locate your dog in the state of an emergency, it’s important to make sure all of your pup’s microchip information is completely up to date. This way, your dog can be returned back to you and not accidentally returned to another home. 

Exercise your dog

Try to get all of your pup’s energy out throughout the day! This can be accomplished by bringing them for a long walk at the park, a hike, or even a game of frisbee in the backyard. The goal is to tire your dog out, so when the fireworks start at night, they’ll be exhausted and hopefully can sleep through the noise.

Create a safe space

A comfortable spot with all of your pup’s favorite items are ideal for the perfect safe space. We want your fur friend to feel 100% secure during the fireworks show, so it’s best to have an area dedicated just to them. We recommend putting out their favorite bed, blanket, and toys in a quiet room in the house. Also, remember to keep the windows and blinds shut to help reduce some of the noise levels and shield them from seeing anything in the sky. Plus, it may be beneficial to keep them distracted with some background noise! Try playing the TV or some relaxing music to create a calming ambience in the room. 

Stay busy

Another way to keep your pet distracted from the commotion outside is by keeping them busy with toys. You can either play some tug-o-war with your pup or keep them busy with a puzzle toy. Try stuffing your pup’s favorite treats inside one of their favorite puzzle toys, such as a Kong with all-natural peanut butter to keep them busy! You could even stuff a couple Edibites for an extra calming boost.

Have more questions about keeping your pet calm and comfortable during fireworks season? Always feel free to reach out to us through our contact form where we can assist further!